When I bought it, it had a stock Motorcraft 2-bbl carb on it, and it turned out to be the wrong one for the truck. I then hit the local wrecking yard and scrounged up a practically new Holley , a CFM 2-bbl which I bolted on and found an immediate improvement. But not being one to leave anything alone for long, I soon began to want more and had visions of a 4-bbl lurking under the hood. Now there just happens to be one, a brand-spanking new Edelbrock CFM mechanical choke 4-bbl. I can just bolt the thing on and go, right? First you have to choose the right one for your application. My truck came with a manual choke stock so I wanted to stay with that and the FE is also bone stock, so a CFM should be just about right for it.

289 Vacuum Lines And Hoses

Nearly 22 years ago now. Today, it has 95, miles. A large percentage of that 58, mile difference has been off-road in the Pacific Northwest. The rest has been getting to and from the trail-head to leave the pavement. I traced this rig’s history and spoke to it’s original owner not long after buying it.

This Tech Section has grown rather long and takes too much time to load. So, it was split into TWO PAGES, each page with the same index. Some content CAN be on the OTHER page and you will be directed back and forth transparently, as required.

All new vinyl upholstery done in original pattern. This boat is in absolute “Show” condition. West bottom, new frames where needed, new decks, topsides, transom, and chrome. Leather supplied by Keleen and installed by JD Canvas. Restored gauges by Pat Powell. One of built Excellent condition, ready to show. Engine rebuild and restored original blue faced gauges. Correct in every way, excellent condition, ready to show. Great roomy, rough water boat.

Original wood and hardware and accessories:

Ford FE Engine Ignition Systems Guide

Don’t know the terminology, but there is a spec for how much “up and down play” axial? And side to side movement radial? There are bushings and bearings in aftermarket setups and shims and such, and some things ride on the case aluminum directly. If going on specification, a dial indicator might be required. But if you feel “a lot of play” in either direction, it might be time for a new unit. I used to be able to tell by feel, but just to show how large the difference in types really is, once I’ve replaced a points distributor with an electronic one, I’ve NEVER had to replace another unit in that engine.

There was a much wider spread between the poorest performing and the strongest dual-carb intakes compared with the four-barrel manifolds. There was also no undisputed winner in the twin category.

How to Install a Rochester Carburetor on an Engine by Chris Stevenson Rochester garnered fame with the Quadra-Jet carburetor, but their two-barrel models were equally praised. The four-barrel design incorporated two huge, secondary throttle bores that allowed an extra-large volume of fuel and air to enter the intake manifold. They were very popular decades ago and can still be found on classic and muscle cars today. Basic in design, they lend themselves well to rebuilding and high-performance modifications.

You can swap them out with different makes and designs with the use of adaptor plates. Alternatively, you can simply bolt them back onto their original intake mounts. Place the vehicle in park or neutral with the emergency brake set. Disconnect the negative battery cable with an end wrench. Unscrew the wing nut on the air cleaner lid and remove the air cleaner housing. Use masking tape and a felt pen to mark all vacuum hoses connected to the carburetor, including the throttle positioner diaphragm if so equipped , or vacuum advance line.

Inspect the hoses for cracks or splits, so you can replace them. Mark any wire locations with masking tape and a felt pen.

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Feared by many, and ignored by many more, the vacuum advance can is an important component of your ignition platform that offers both performance and economy. Leaving it unplugged is akin to throwing free engine efficiency straight down the drain. To fully understand why the vacuum advance can is a necessity in any street-going car, we need to dive into spark timing as a whole and cover some ignition basics.

Why do I need ignition advance at all?

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Be sure to save the illustrations separately. The opinions expressed here are my experiences, and your experiences may vary. I don’t put myself forward as the world’s leading expert on Holleys, but I do have some helpful ideas. In some cases, I may not be able to answer specific questions, but I’ll do my best. I know very little about other brands of carburetors and have no information about them, only general operating principles. I have NO experience with any type of supercharger or turbocharger, so please don’t ask me anything about your blower or turbo applications.

The following few paragraphs is a set of rules I had to create because people were emailing me without enough information or asking really stupid questions that I had no way to answer.

How do I connect the vacuum lines connect to a Edelbrock 750?

Timing chains can slip over the years, harmonic balancers can move, and the bottom line is you are no longer able to verify where top dead center is using the old methods. Plus, with today’s fuels, it’s more difficult to reach the point where your old engine performs both efficiently and reliably without sacrificing performance. Following the steps below, you will be able to minimize pinging, have reliable starting under all conditions, and easily get maximum performance from your engine using today’s fuels.

Connect a vacuum gauge to a vacuum source directly on the intake manifold. Do not attach gauge to ports being used by any other device.

The following few paragraphs is a set of rules I had to create because people were emailing me without enough information or asking really stupid questions that I had no way to answer.

If you don’t have one, it would be a good investment, and a pretty good one doesn’t cost much. Sometimes you can tell the vacuum source by the location of the port: The external tube locations aren’t always a good indicator of the vacuum source. Manifold vacuum will rise slightly as you increase the engine speed up to RPM or so, and will increase abruptly, and only briefly, when you let the throttle close.

Ported vacuum will increase as you open the throttle valve and increase the engine speed. Ported vacuum will top out at something less than full manifold vacuum as the throttle valve opens further. You probably won’t reach the highest ported vacuum possible without a load on the engine- so don’t try that.

A History: ’s Word of the Year

May 17, , So after a couple hours of it sitting I decided I’d see if it’d do it again, well as soon as I put it in gear it sputtered and stalled, so I started it again and it idled okay, temp was good, so I put it in gear again and it stalled again. So to fix this problem I adjusted the carb again until it didn’t stall, but it dropped idle alot still, so I advanced the timing a hair.

VINTAGE AIR, INC SAN ANTONIO, TX Vintage Air, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of Performance Air Conditioning systems for your Streetrod, Muscle car, or Classic Car and Truck.

I’ve fixed all the vacuum leaks, and I’m ready to take a look at the carburetor. The truck seems to hesitate when I hit the throttle, but I made some observations today that may indicate that I’m running too lean. Tell me what you guys think. How does it run compared to before you fixed that vacuum leaks? Vacuum leaks allow air to enter the manifold without going through the carburetor, so they effectively lean the mixture. Now that you have fixed those vacuum leaks, the mixture should be richer than it was before.

Thanks for providing that information.

Improving Combustion With Steve Davis Of Performance Distributors

On a Chevy which valves are exhaust and which are intake? With the valve covers off the rocker that aligns with theexhaust port is the exhaust the other will align with the intakemanifold runner this would be your intake On a with Edelbrock intake and carb if there is a t-shaped nipple coming out of intake behind the carburetor what hooks onto these three openings? You will need rubber hose for them.. If you have power brakes,One goes to the brake booster.

One is for vaccuumm diaghram on auto trans and on is to vaccuum canister. You need help you have a 95 turbo eclipse that spitssputtersboggsawful bad when the turbo goes over the half line on the gage you have a new o2 sensor new downpipes full exhaust 5yr old air intake plz?

The blue one is a 6 cyl 4 speed, power steering rhino lined through out, 5 new 10″ Micky Thompson wheels and tires MTX suspension lift new shocks New paint, new bestop seats grey New gages, all stainless steel bolts, one of the sharpest looking Scramblers left.

Emissions equipment Thermostat Housing Problems When I rebuilt the V8 in my ’77 Jeep Wagoneer, I noticed that one of the thermostat housing bolt holes was partially clogged with something. Attempting to drill out the hole only killed the drill bit, so I’m assuming that the object was a piece of a broken tap or some other super-hard object. About nine months later before a long road trip , I decided I ought to fix it. These were mid-grade taps, not the el-cheapos you find at the corner hardware store.

Perhaps super high quality taps would have worked better. Upon further inspection, it appears that somebody sometime welded the original hole shut for some reason, then redrilled a new hole slightly off-center. This also meant that the thermostat housing didn’t line up quite right with the ports in the manifold, but it was close enough to get by.

Flathead Ford Intake Manifold Smackdown

This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry standards to offer a fusion of a well-balanced design and high level of craftsmanship. This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry standards to offer a fusion of a well-balanced design and high level of craftsmanship Keep your plug wires properly routed and protected with wire separators, wire looms and boot protectors from Vertex. Keep your plug wires properly routed and protected with wire separators, wire looms and boot protectors from Taylor Cable.

For over thirty years, the Ignitor has proven itself in applications ranging from race cars to tractors.

I recognize that the ignition control part of an EFI system can be the most intimidating part of the entire project. And most EFI System manufacturers seem to focus more on “how to connect it” than “how it works”, so even after some folks get it working they really don’t know what they did.

In setting the carburetor idle point with Vacuum gauge, best results are obtained by first jacking up the rear wheels one inch from the floor, starting the engine and putting the transmission into high gear, then adjusting the throttle stop screw until speedometer indicates 7 miles per hour minimum. Adjust hand close to one full turn out from seat until highest reading is indicated. When certain that highest reading has been obtained, check speedometer again.

If there is a higher or lower reading than 7 miles per hour, reset the throttle stop screw for the 7 M. On automatic transmissions, the idle stop screw adjustment should be made with an electric Tachometer for specification set up for the individual job. After proper engine idle speed, and approximately correct idle mixture is attained, accelerate engine by quickly lifting throttle arm and releasing it.

78 460 vacume advance

My only disclaimer is that you should read all of this before starting, and take your time. The information here applies to various Buick V8 and V6 engines, so make sure you understand the details as they apply to your engine. Your mileage may vary and your car may be different than mine was. The usual “Do this at your own risk” disclaimers apply. This is a pretty long and detailed page, so give it a good read before you start this process.

Apr 08,  · The carb I have is a Edelbrock and I have three ports in the font. The middle port is connected to the valve cover and the small one one the passenger side is hooked up to the distributor.

First, set the ignition timing to 8degrees btc advanced they like it there. Set with vacuum advance disconnected and plugged. Next, while it’s running, look down into the carb and make sure you dont see any fuel dripping into the venturis. If it is, you need to lower the float level a bit. Put a vacuum gauge on ti attached to any mainfold port. Then adjust the idle screws in the carb base till you have the highest possible vacuum reading. Work with one screw, then the other, then go back to the first one, then the second to get it fine tuned.

If the carb has an electric throttle solenoid, do this with the solenoid disconnected and the idle speed turned down at the linkage to the lowest point that it will continue to run.

Ported vs Manifold Vacuum – Performance Engine

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