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Open the HotSpot Feature. You will be presented with a list of options to setup and customize your hotspot. After your hotspot is setup, you’ll want to connect your Android devices to it. A mobile hotspot is secure and offers WiFi connectivity when it is not readily available. In situations where you need a secure internet connection and no safe, public WiFi is available, a mobile hotspot can feel like a lifesaver. You can create a personal mobile hotspot with your Android smartphone or with a separate mobile hotspot device, also called a MiFi or Jetpack, to connect multiple WiFi-capable devices to the internet through a cellular connection.

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February 3, 7: Ranking the best wireless carriers by the numbers 3: All those numbers from carriers competing for your dollars — monthly rates, gigabytes GB , connection fees — are enough to make you dizzy or crazy or both. So before you join a carrier for a new time or switch to a new one, ask yourself these questions first. Are you free to go?

Switching to Boost Mobile and bringing your own phone is relatively easy as long as you have a phone that’s compatible with the Boost Mobile Network. Unfortunately, Boost Mobile services will only work on Boost Mobile devices and some certified Sprint devices.

One is for payments and the other is for customer service. The customer service address is: Sprint Sprint Parkway Overland Park, KS If you are a business customer, you can use the same mailing address for customer service communication. Official Website If you are a current Sprint customer or you want to learn more about Sprint services, you can do so at the official Sprint website: Customers can easily sort through available phones, find out if they are currently located in a service area and even place an order for new Sprint service.

At this time, all Sprint service requires a contractual commitment. Customer Service Email There is no email address listed on the Sprint website, but we did find an email form on the side of the Email Us page.

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Your old carrier will have to domestically unlock your phone before you can bring it to Boost Mobile. A domestic SIM unlock allows you to insert the Boost Mobile SIM card into your device and attempt to activate it on the Boost Mobile network.

Sanyo Vero How can I activate an eligible Sprint phone? You can activate an eligible Sprint phone by visiting a local Boost Mobile store. Can an existing Boost Mobile customer change their phone to an eligible Sprint phone? Customers can change to an eligible Sprint phone at a local Boost Mobile store. I have an eligible Sprint phone, why is the dealer not able to activate it?

Only eligible Sprint phones can activate on Boost Mobile.

How to Switch a Boost to a Verizon

This post is for anyone who uses their phone for voice calls and text messaging only and doesn’t need or want to pay for data. Some of the plans covered here do include data but it may be limited or overpriced. If you want to use even a little data along with your talking and texting see our companion post; The Best Deals On Prepaid Mobile Data.

Boost Mobile iPhone should work on Sprint without unlocking since Sprint is Boost Mobile’s host network on CDMA technology. On the other hand, unlocking your Sprint iPhone will only unlock its GSM technology so that it could be used on other GSM networks.

There are several other ways to get out of a cell phone without paying a penny, and with the current competition, some cell phone providers will even pay the termination fee for you if you sign up with them! Here are some ways to get out of your cell phone contract without paying the Early Termination Fee. And carriers are doing everything in their power to entice people to switch to their network. The best current transfer offer is with T-Mobile, which offers an unlimited plan with no contract.

Visit this offer link. Transfer your current phone number to T-Mobile Process your trade-in within 14 days of your new phone purchase T-Mobile will offer you credit based on the market value for your eligible device. After entering your order number and T-Mobile phone number, print the postage paid shipping label and send in your device.

Submit your final bill. Eligible device trade-in, device purchase, qualifying plan and port-in required. Trade-in credit applied to T-Mobile bill. Allow 8 weeks for processing. One offer per line up to 12 lines. Visit the site for more details.

Boost Mobile

For a professional installation from our partner InstallerNet, click here Please note the following important factors in determining zBoost performance: At least 15 vertical feet is needed between the External Antenna receives the outside signal and the Indoor Antenna rebroadcasts the signal indoors. Separation less than 15 vertical feet will result in decreased performance.

Generally, increasing this distance up to 40 feet will increase the performance and decreasing the distance will limit zBoost performance. Proximity of metal or wireless access points: The Base Unit must remain at least 3 feet away from metal objects and other electronic devices.

Since it’s on the same CDMA spectrum, you can’t just have the phone unlocked and have the kernel or the OS flashed to work on Sprint?? Is it possible to take my Epic 4g Touch to boost from Sprint since Boost now offers the same phone?

It is now impossible to talk to a human with this company!!!!! If you look at the reviews not one is positive. Verizon is fixing to lose a customer after being there for over ten years. Cant change language for notification emails. I left my phone at home! I try to call forward and you want to text me an authorization!

Straight Talk SIM Card + Any iPhone 4 or 5 = $45 Unlimited Prepaid Plan

Big cell companies sell contract phones at a tremendous markup, disguising their overpricing through subterfuge: The true price of the phone gets rolled into your monthly cellular bill. Four Tips To Save Hundreds! In the United States, T-Mobile made history by becoming the first cellular carrier to not force customers into buying multi-year contracts. After the policy shift, T-Mo users can purchase subsidized phones independent of a monthly

Mar 03,  · Sprint recently changed some stuff around with phones and their mvnos, freedompop used to only have select phones you could use but sprint changed stuff and now you can use a lot more phones. I activated a virgin mobile kyocera event on freedompop which I wasn’t able to do before.

Phones Five reasons to consider bringing your smartphone to Ting The service is making some interesting moves in the BYOD arena, and without some of the compromises imposed by other low-cost carriers. Ting The smartphone world has its share of disruptors. Over there you’ve got the unlocked OnePlus One smartphone delivering flagship features for half the price of a Galaxy S5. And then there’s Ting , a two-year-old wireless service provider started by Except, hold on a second.

Ting’s “disruptive” ways have earned it thousands of loyal fans, and the company has made some interesting moves in recent months that should cause even more users to sit up and take notice. Indeed, every time I write about Republic, Virgin Mobile, or another no-contract carrier, readers invariably chime in to recommend Ting.

Cancel Your Cell Phone Contract Without Paying Fees

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If you have a Boost Mobile phone and want to switch to Sprint, you’re in luck! As long as your Boost Mobile phone has been unlocked, you’ll be able to use it with a Sprint SIM card since Boost Mobile runs off the Sprint network already.

That’s unfortunate because together Google Voice and Hangouts are incredibly powerful tools for saving money on calls and texts, managing your phone numbers, contacts and voicemail and much more. Google Voice is especially useful to prepaid users, who tend to switch operators a lot and worry about losing their numbers while porting or if an MVNO goes out of business. This post aims to be a simple and concise guide to getting the most out Google Voice and Hangouts.

It gives you a new “phone number for life”, or you can port an existing mobile number to Google Voice. Calls, MMS and texts to your Google Voice number are routed to one or more up to 6 mobile or land-line numbers that you specify. This is handy for people like me who have multiple, frequently changing phone numbers. There’s a lot more to Google Voice than call forwarding, including voice mail transcription, call screening and selective blocking of calls from certain numbers like those used by telemarketers.

To get started with Google Voice you just need a Google account and a phone number to forward calls to. Sign up for Google Voice at voice. Setup and manage your Google Voice account. The website was updated in January, and the new version at voice. Fortunately the Google Voice legacy site is still available. You must use the Legacy site to add add new forwarding phone numbers, set up your voicemail, delete multiple messages at once, mark messages and emails unread, port numbers, turn features like call blocking, call screening and conference calling on and off and add funds for international calling.

One of my favorite Google Voice features that you can only set up on the legacy site is the option to have voicemails transcribed to text and sent to an email address along with an audio recording of the voicemail message.

LG Android USB device Drivers – Download LG USB drivers for Windows Computers

Bob Thompson Recently a number of readers have asked me: TFW is an abbreviation for Tracfone Wireless. And well the answer is, no. The Carrier Name is meant to show the brand name for your wireless company, not the actual network you are connected to. Your wireless carrier uses Carrier Settings on the iPhone. Carrier settings control carrier-related settings, such as the Carrier Name, network, calling, cellular data, messaging, personal hotspot, and voicemail settings.

Howdy @ you head over to the FAQ for Activating Sprint Phones on Boost, you’ll find the iPhone 7 listed there, so yep, the model is page also has lots of good information to help you get it activated. A word of caution about buying used phones: I love saving money but it’s not a savings if you end up with a phone that won’t work. For best results, make sure the seller.

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops all deal with it — so what can you do to maximize the amount of time you get per charge? Read More … The Simple Fix: At one time the obvious choice would have been a CD, but of course these scratch easily. The reason for this, of course, is because the case dampens the signal. Remember Antennagate, when issues with users upgrading from iPhone 3 to iPhone 4 caused users to complain to Apple in their droves, forcing a response from the company?

Depending on the model, how you hold your smartphone is paramount to getting a good signal. Cell phone towers are situated based on their range, with the aim being to give users blanket coverage. This enables you to use your mobile phone wherever you are — within reason. The idea is that your phone automatically connects to the nearest tower, switching towers as you move around. Problems occur as you approach areas without a tower, and the strength of the signal degrades.

Naturally if the problem is your entire property or place of work, this might be difficult, but hills, mountains, valleys and even trees can be as detrimental to a strong connection as a large steel structure such as a tower, skyscraper or pylon thick wall or pillar.

Fed Up With Verizon and AT&T? Try One of These Cheap Cell Phone Plans Instead

The phone or hotspot must be in the cradle to boost. This was once our only booster and it got the job done but as time went on we realized we needed something more powerful for our very remote wild camping needs. Now we keep this booster in the car very handy and use a more powerful booster inside the RV. It boosts voice and data for all U. For us, this is huge! Coolest part is the Ranger allows us to make a private wireless network inside our RV for a little extra security.

Re: Sprint Galaxy Note 5 On Boost So my question is this just out of curiosity..I have a sprint note 5 so I when on boost mobile site (the part of bring your own device) put the ESN came back saying that you’re good to was telling me the next step to do.

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